I had never been to a Halloween party. Given the constraints of a tight schedule I was musing over perhaps to go as Benazir Bhutto in my Pakistani Shalwar-Kameeze and a white scarf on my head (not to mention a lot of foundation to make me white as she was very fair-complexioned  !
And then it happened, just like that, like most strokes of genius are, Lauren had an idea! Lauren and I were sitting around the kitchen table just chit chatting and she said, ‘why don’t I go as a Muslim lady from Pakistan all covered up and in your Pakistani clothes, and do you want to go as a Jewish person? I can find you a Kipa and a couple of accessories to complete the look?’ It was brilliant !
The result! DSC05176
We were an instant hit  People loved it, thought it ingenuous and wanted to take pictures with us.
That night made me realize how beautiful America is and why-it’s the common people of this country that populate its every nook and cranny. People who are full of life, true, just, idealistic, peace-loving (even though their government is not necessarily so most of the time).
I think Lauren and I cross-dressing was a huge success among the people because they loved seeing the harmony and love which existed to make something like that happen. I think what every person in that room, by liking it so much, was really saying, ‘Give peace a chance people!’
It was the first, and I think it’ll be safe to assume, the best Halloween for some time to come!
Thanks Lauren.