I have recently re-started my thrice a week gym regimen, along with, eating right and in moderation with a new found zeal and spirit. I’m trying to follow this as ‘religiously’ as possible.
The Prophet (PBUH) supposedly had a habit of keeping 1/4th of his stomach empty after every meal, (portion control ring a bell?). Also, I can imagine he was a super fit man, given that he was close to 60 years of age and was busy digging trenches for the Ghazvah e Khandaq (the Battle of the Trench) and fighting the war physically himself. He was also reported to sometimes put a brick on his stomach to control hunger pangs (you thinking detox and fasting? I certainly was 🙂
Not only do we have examples in the life of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), we also have some divine guidance on the subject. The funeral prayer at a Muslim burial involves repeating ‘Inal ilah e wa Inal ilah e Rajeoon’ (‘Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return’). We are all Allah’s, we belong to Him in mind, spirit and body. Hence, by being mindful and aware of our bodies and by taking care of them, we are actually living true to a sacred trust that we have been entrusted with by none other than God.
Our bodies are sacred, we MUST take care of them. They belong to Allah and like all honourable people we must rise up to the challenge and do justice to that which we have been entrusted with.
Go hit the gym, people!